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Chinese Medicine regards the human body, mind, and spirit with great reverence, respecting and promoting it's boundless capacity for renewal and recovery. Although our bodies indeed possess the inherent wisdom and natural capacity to heal, there are many factors that can impede this process. In today's modern society, we are all too often overstressed, overworked, and over exhausted. We are exposed to a multitude of drugs, chemicals, and radiation. Our food and water is often contaminated, our minds are subjected to excessive amounts of worry and stress, and our bodies often suffer from physical injuries and trauma. Under these conditions, its no wonder our body's natural ability to heal itself can become blocked, hindered, and weakened.

At Left Coast Acupuncture, we use a holistic approach to identify and correct the the deficiencies and imbalances of your bodies natural healing ability. This not only alleviates the symptoms you are experiencing, it goes deep to the root of the problem. Acupuncture and other natural therapies are used to strengthen and restore your body's protective and regenerative ability, thus bringing you to a state of optimum health and vitality.

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